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Maple Tree Yoga Classes with Jo Pratt

Jo is an English-born yoga teacher who specialises in restorative yoga for those with flexibility problems such as stiffness due to the ageing process, and arthritis. Jo’s classes promote flexibility within the student’s own body limitations to bring a unique yoga class that offers a healing and soothing practice. Jo also offers Yin and Hatha yoga and all classes practise meditation and mindfulness to alleviate stress and anxiety.  Her classes are for all ages from children to those of mature years and her classes help to develop strength, flexibility, bodily focus and mindfulness, at beginner to intermediate levels. 

Classes are practised in a specially built yoga studio but in the warmer weather, classes can be held in the seclusion of her own garden on a yoga platform overlooking the fields of Val d’Oire et Gartempe.


Jo has been practising yoga for over 20 years. She has found yoga to be so beneficial in managing anxiety and stress but also to promote joint and muscle longevity, flexibility and suppleness. Jo is also First Aid trained.


Jo’s mantra is ‘Share your good heart and embrace your learning’ and this is fundamental to her practice.

Woman Stretching
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